How To Store Biltong

Even though Biltong is a preserved product it is still a natural food substance that contains water and is not as indestructible as some people might think.

How To Store Biltong 

Biltong, how best to store it after opening the packet. The first step is to remove it from our Biltong Boss packaging as it is designed to protect the product when shipping. The more moisture there is in the Biltong the higher chance that mould can occur. More moisture means less shelf time. 

The bags we use are food-grade and sterile. We pack your biltong in these bags in a protected gas atmosphere but once opened it is then open to the environment.

Correct storage of the product is vital if you want to keep the quality of the meat at its best. The best way to keep your Biltong is to vacuum seal each time, but what if you don’t have a vacuum machine.?

 Humidity and direct sunlight will perish the product quicker than anything else. The meat needs to be stored away from any sunlight or moisture. However, do not keep it in a place where it would go neglected, or where there is a risk of insects or bugs.

For bulk meat, ensure that the storage area does not contain any easy access for pests to get in. If it is, then call in pest control experts ( or similar professionals and get the required fixing done before you keep the biltong in there. Now, this type of meat can be stored for a long time, but there are certain precautions that have to be taken.

Prolonging the life of the Biltong 

Never store the Biltong in a plastic bag, the meat will start sweating, the air cannot circulate and moisture will form inside the bag and result in mould on the meat. Never store the product in the fridge as this will introduce moisture and spoil the meat quicker 

No brown paper bags! You can store the meat in a screw-top jar but make sure you place some kitchen roll at the bottom of the jar. This will help to keep the moisture down and make sure it is not stored in direct sunlight. Open the jar daily and move the meat around, if the paper feels damp then change it for a dry piece. 

Even though Biltong is a preserved product it’s still a natural food substance that contains water and is not as indestructible as some people might think.

Can You Freeze Biltong?

 You can freeze the Biltong if you are planning to store it longer. It’s not something we recommend but if you do.

  1. Store in a vacuum-sealed bag (stops freezer burn) 
  2. Defrosting, remove from pack and place on kitchen paper in a well-ventilated area.
  3. Never refreeze