About Me


Hello, everyone! This is Lizzie Williams writing to you with her first blog. It’s a wonder I have time being a full-time mother with a couple of kids. We all live in a rather old house in a suburb called Washington, near Sunderland, England. I have to say England, otherwise, you will think I am in the USA. There must be a reason they called the town Washington and for sure it’s connected to good ole George in the good ole USA.


The Dog

I have 2 children, both girls, Sarah 10 and Jessica 8. Two growing girls in a house is enough to drive my husband Steven barmy at times. I told him to wait until they are both teenagers. He said he would be taking up golf in the not too distant future to get out of the house. We have a small dog, a Yorkshire terrier called Boycott after Geoffrey, the cricketer. “Here Boy! Here Boy!” Get it?

Learning How to Cook

My forte is cooking. I picked up the basic art of kitchen work from my mother and gran but cooking has evolved into a really marvellous art form. The amount of recipes on the internet, in books and on reality TV shows boggles the mind. There must be 25 different ways to make pumpkin soup. Even baking, which is a lot of fun and being creative in the kitchen, has millions of recipes to pick from. If you live in a different country or a district that has its own traditional food, you can find it on the internet.

My Recipe Idea

So here I am trying to be a little different but have no idea what will set me apart from the others. A genuine friendly approach to making some good meals in the kitchen is my way in real life so I will try not to be somebody else on the net. Both my girls enjoy pottering about in the kitchen, which is great because they are picking up stuff I learnt from my mother. One thing is for sure, Steven loves the experimentation and his obvious enjoyment of another test dish is what makes it all worthwhile. I am a bit like a chef at a restaurant. When you tell the waiter “please pass on my compliments to the chef” it must really please whoever cooked the meal.

The Best Recipes

As well as providing some new recipes on my blog site, I was thinking of picking the best recipes from those already on the internet, cooking them as per the guide, and then telling you my view after a taste test. Maybe there can be a small improvement to some of them. Either with added ingredients and spices or a different way of writing it up. Who knows without trying?

It would be nice if you, the readers, could contribute your ideas too. We all have our favourite recipes that were handed down over the generations, here’s your chance to see them in print and getting others to enjoy the meal. Bon appetite!