Top 3 Desserts Recipes to Pair with Champagne

Are you anxious to break out that bottle of bubbly and enjoy a bottle of champagne with dessert? Whether you’re just looking to jazz up your Saturday night, or you are planning to entertain friends, dessert and champagne can make for the perfect pairing. But what recipes should you choose? Which desserts would best compliment the champagne’s flavour and bubbles? Here are three desserts you’ll want to try.

Think Chocolate – Lots of Rich Milky Chocolate

While this isn’t a specific dessert, it opens the door to a whole number of tasty creations. Chocolate is one of the best pairings with champagne, as the refreshing acidity levels of the champagne are able to cut through the richness of the chocolate. The results are nothing short of mouth-watering. It is all about contrast and bringing out the uniqueness of each flavour.

As for what chocolate recipes to go for, that could be anything from a rich chocolate mousse, a homemade chocolate cake, chocolate pastries, and even chocolate covered fruit or biscuits.

Brush Up on Your Macarons

Sure, macarons aren’t exactly a beginner level dessert, but this could give you the excuse you’ve been needing to truly master the recipe. You’ll find all kinds of different ones online and in cooking books that range from simple and basic, to incredibly intricate meant for advanced bakers.

Now here’s where it gets really fun. The flavour of macaron that you choose will help to dictate which champagne best pairs with it. You can really step out of your comfort zone and sample unusual flavour pairings to find something you love.

Butter-Based Desserts

Butter-based desserts are some of the tastiest out there and include such recipes as crepes, tarts, panna cotta, shortbread, cheesecake, and so much more. Because of the very nature of butter being rich, you want something that will cut through it. Champagne does an excellent job of this, again thanks to its acidity. Any time you’re thinking of a heavy-dessert, think champagne as its pairing.

The thing about these butter-based desserts is that you can find varieties in every skill level. Take for example a shortbread biscuit, the skill level will be much lower than a panna cotta or even making your own fruit-filled tarts with a homemade shell.

Give Different Champagnes a Try

It’s also important to note that simply stating “champagne” isn’t enough as there are so many different varieties out there. Each one will pair differently with your dessert, so you will likely want to sample a few. You can even buy champagne online and pick out a few; make a whole tasty experiment out of it.

It’s Time to Get Creative

The thing to keep in mind as you sample different dessert pairings with champagne is to be creative. There is no harm in mixing flavours and learning about what you like. It’s also a great opportunity to learn some new dessert recipes that push you out of your comfort zone.