Your guide to hosting a medieval themed night including hog roast

Host roast feasts are a centuries-old tradition in England. Today they are still a fun way to celebrate with friends and enjoy some delicious food. This is your stress-free guide to hosting an authentic Medieval hog roast that you and your friends will remember for years. Even if you don’t have mead available, you can get a pretty nice buzz with olio lusso cbd e-liquid or by chilling with your friends by taking ‘Just CBD Gummies’ whichever method you would prefer.

Hog Roast Supplies

You can hire a hog roasting company to do the work for you. These companies provide all the equipment and offer side dishes to go along with the roast. They can tell how much meat you will need for the number of guests. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can order a whole hog from your butcher. You will then need to procure a spit. Aside from a carving knife, decide if you want to provide contemporary utensils for guests, or for a more Medieval experience, lets guests eat with their hands!

Cooking the Hog

Planning this step is very important. If your hog is frozen, allow up to two days to defrost before roasting. You will need to decide to brine, marinate, or simply baste the hog while roasting. Brining and marinating require several more hours. Opinions on how long to roast the hog vary, even on hogs of similar size. Some say a quick roast is best (4-7 hours). This can be done especially well if the hog is marinated or brined. For those that take longer, up to 24 hours, basting is a good way to add flavor and keep the meat from drying out.

imageA True Medieval Feast

Details of a traditional Medieval feast include candle-lit tables, goblets, and a festive atmosphere. Hire a musician or juggler to play during the feast. Before serving the hog, these feasts would often start with soup or broth, followed by bread and cheese. Vegetables may be served here if desired, and then the fruits of your labor, the roasted hog. Sweets end the meal on a high note.

No Medieval hog roast is complete without plenty of beer, ale, and wine to finish with dessert. To fully recall the days of yore, make this event a dress event. In your invitation, provide guests with examples of medieval costumes they can pull together themselves, or give them the name of a company for hiring costumes. Men can wear tunics and tights; women, long dresses with sashes or corsets.

Simple or elaborate, hosting a Medieval Roast is sure to be a memorable occasion!