Experimenting with a Hog Roast Dish

Celebrate with a Hog Roast

A hog roast is a great way to make a celebration delicious and different. The meat of the hog is so flavorful and the aroma is irresistible. To properly celebrate your next outdoor feast, choose a hog of the size and proportion that will feed the number of invited guests. For example, if there are 25 invited guests, purchase at least a 30 to 50 pound hog. In most cases, 50 to 60 guests will require the purchase of a 75 pound hog. Figure approximately 1.25 pounds per person.

The most important thing to remember about hog roast dishes is the cooking time. Due to the size of a hog for roasting, it must be slow cooked at about 121.111 degrees Celsius or 250 degrees Fahrenheit. A 40 pound hog roasted with head on needs to cook about 3.5 hours. Thus, a 75 pound hog should be roasted for nine hours and a 100 pound hog for 12 hours.

Hogs can be roasted several ways. A butcher can prepare it for roasting in a large oven in sections. The most popular way to roast a whole hog is over an open pit. A pit can borrowed, bought or made from common items.

To build a pit, use cement blocks or bricks and build about four feet high. The width depends on the size of the metal grill inlaid in the center of the pit. Figure about 50 cement blocks arranged in a rectangle with enough open space for wood fuel or charcoal briques.

Another popular way to roast hog is to dig a hole in sand or soil appropriate to the size of the hog. Fill with rocks about the size of a small child’s head. Add wood so the rocks become very hot. It is extremely important to maintain the cooking temperature.

Tips on Hog Roast Preparation

Roasting a whole hog means constant vigilance and turned often. It can be seasoned and basted with a basting sauce. Remember hog skin tends to sear quickly. Keep the roasting temperature slow and even.

There are wonderful seasonings that marry well with roast hog. These include, bay leaves, thyme, lemongrass and ginger. Make rubs with black pepper, garlic, marjoram and crushed juniper berries. It can also be basted with a blend of brown sugar, Dijon mustard and orange juice. Avoid basting until the roasting hog is partially roasted. Don’t forget to put the iconic apple in its mouth.

The Roasting Pig’s delicious hog roast

This sound advice will help you on your way to cooking a delicious hog roast, it comes from Steve Preston who runs a local hog roast catering company called The Roasting Pig, the company have been around for several years and have expanded throughout Leicestershire to areas including Market Harborough providing hog roasts, pulled pork dishes as well as their new pizza options.