Why You Should Only Eat Hog Roasts in Moderation

Hog roasts are a great centrepiece to a celebratory meal. Nothing says happy 50th birthday or congratulations on the promotion than a whole pig cooked for hours until the meat is sliding off the bone. It is delicious and mouth-watering. It does not hurt that everyone enjoys a fully catered hog roast for birthdays and special occasions. There are different sauces and rubs you can serve it with – fit for every taste and preference. It is a definite crowd pleaser.

A hog roast, however, is a treat – something to look forward to and enjoy every once in awhile. It is not the best idea to eat hog roast every single day because your health will suffer. Here is how:

Reasons Too Much Pork May Be Harmful

Pig farms are not the cleanest places. There are regulations that these factories have to follow, but inspectors are often less diligent when upholding them. There have been instances of fecal contamination, the presence of black foul liquid and pest problems in several slaughter plants across the UK. Because of the filth, pigs are known to carry parasites and bacteria that can cause a slew of health problems in humans. Hepatitis B, Nipah virus infection and swine flu are just a few of the diseases you can get from overeating pork.

Blood Pressure and Circulation

No single type of food can make your blood pressure skyrocket. Pork, at its rawest, does not affect a person’s blood pressure levels. However, hog roasts are known to be very flavourful. Hog roasts are cooked with marinades, rubs and sauces that are full of salt. Sodium is known to cause high blood pressure. If you are not careful, eating too much hog roast can affect your circulation.

Consuming Too Much Fat May Cause Weight Gain

Fat from meat does not necessarily make a person gain weight. However, this macronutrient has more calories per gram than carbohydrates and protein. Fats contain nine calories per gram while carbohydrates and protein only contain four. There are parts of a hog roast that are incredibly fatty. It can quickly ruin your fitness plan especially if you eat it during every meal. It is a good idea to eat this type of food only in moderation to avoid any adverse health consequences.

There is no denying that a hog roast on the buffet table is one of the highlights of any English celebration. It is a treat for the eyes and the stomach. But with every good thing, the key is to always consume in moderation.