Appy Cooking

If someone were to ask me which particular application for your iPad or smartphone has the most downloads, I would have to say without hesitation, “Recipes”. There is one particular app on the Internet that in itself has 350,000 recipes listed! If on your bucket list you said you were going to cook every single recipe that appeals to you on the Internet, you will have to live until you are 10,000 years old. Even tonight I cooked a meal that I had made up myself but for which there is no written recipe.

Imagine going along to an ios development company and telling him or her that you want a recipe app created. You will probably get an ‘okay, let’s do it’, but they will be aware that there are literally thousands of recipe apps already available for download. A mountain of them are free and very few do you have to pay for.

I actually went along to a developer, but not about recipes, it was more to do with travel. The service was good, they gave me plenty of attention, lots of advice as well as looking at the possible application in a number of different ways. You can find my review here.

It’s actually not all that hard to go along to an iOS developer/app developer like and explain to them what it is you want in an app. If it’s your own business, you might be looking at doing some advertising amongst your clients. There’s nothing better than having an icon on your customer’s smartphones that gives them direct contact with you at any time. And depending on what sort of business you are in it’s not a bad way for you to be sending them relevant advertising messages that you know will be of interest to them. If you want to know more, you can navigate to this site.

Getting back to ways to cook, there is a lot to be said for the old-fashioned methods that your grandmother used. Mind you, it’s best to remove all the references to lards, fats and oils that they used to use, but apart from that they cooked up a darn good meal. I don’t have any of my mother’s recipes written down and I actually don’t think I could cook anything that she can anyway. But, over the years, I developed my own ways to cook up a healthy, appetising meal. For those of you that want to learn a bit about cooking, there is an iOS download called Side Chef. For those of you that might be on special diets, you can’t go past the app called Yummly.

Anyway, good luck with all your cooking experiments and your app development experiments. Maybe you don’t need an app to download for everybody, maybe all you need is a little personal app that holds all your recipes on your iPad.