3 Reasons You Should Upgrade Your Tableware with Stoneware

Stuck on what material to choose for your tableware? It can be a deceptively tricky decision to make, but most people find the benefits of stoneware particularly attractive – here are just three reasons why you should pick up some stoneware tableware for your kitchen.

  1. Stoneware is Supremely Stylish

Stoneware is made from clay, stone, and flint. Those materials are fired in a single process, which means the appearance and texture of each piece is unique. A sense of uniformity can be nice, but the individual appeal of each piece of stoneware tableware is going to stand out as something special. The single firing process also results in warm, more natural colours, and artistic designs are often created since stoneware is easy to paint on.

  1. Stoneware Offers Excellent Heat Retention

Stoneware is able to combine stunning looks with plenty of practical benefits, and excellent heat retention is one of them. Stoneware plates and bowls will keep food warm for a long time because they boast the inherent ability to store heat. If you’re cooking a dish that could cool down quickly and lose its flavour, using stoneware plates is the ideal solution.

  1. Stoneware Boasts Dependable Durability

Finally, stoneware tableware is incredibly durable, and this is reason enough for many people to use it instead of porcelain, china, or some other material. Each piece of stoneware tableware is treated to a heavy coating of glaze. This makes them immensely hard to crack or chip. Even sharp knives won’t cause scratches, and the surface won’t be marred by stains. Better yet, stoneware’s durability grants exceptional versatility. Feel free to use stoneware tableware in your dishwasher or microwave without worrying about damage. You can even move a stoneware plate from somewhere hot to somewhere cold without needing to worry about it cracking.